How Do I Attend?

Attending an Owensboro Chrysalis flight is easy as answering one simple question:  Do you want to have a closer relationship with God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit?

If your answer is YES, then we believe that you should not only make the choice to go on a flight, but you DESERVE to go on a Chrysalis flight!



Step 1:  Age/Find a Sponsor

In order to attend a Chrysalis Flight, we ask that candidates be within the range of attending Freshman year of high school to 19 years of age.

If you meet the prior requirement, ask around in your local church congregation to find a member of the Chrysalis/Emmaus community that is willing to be your sponsor.  If you are unable to find a sponsor in your local congregation, please send us an email at and we will find someone in the community that is willing to sponsor you!


Step 2: Ask Your Parents/Guardians

Unless you are above the age of legal consent (18 years old), you will need to seek permission from a parent or guardian.


Step 3: Register

You may register online or by paper application.  Per step #2, your parent will have to fill out a portion of the application, so make sure they are available to sit down with you and fill out the application as well.


Step 4: Fly With CHRIST!

Now you’re set and ready to go on a Chrysalis flight and grow in your relationship with God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit!