For Sponsors

Sponsorship is the MOST important aspect of the Chrysalis movement!

Sponsorship is the way in which the Chrysalis experience is passed on from person to person…reflecting the manner in which God purposefully reaches out to people through others.

Sponsorship is taken for granted in many communities due to the assumption that everyone knows and understands the idea of sponsorship.


Sponsorship is more than simply “signing kids up.”

The importance of a Chrysalis community being educated about proper sponsorship practices CANNOT be overemphasized.  The quality of sponsorship impacts the new candidates, participants, the overall health of the Chrysalis movement within a community, and the churches being affected by Chrysalis.

Please prayerfully consider the candidate you are sponsoring or thinking about sponsoring and begin the sign up procedures by online registration or paper application if you feel God is calling your candidate to be a part of the upcoming Chrysalis weekend.


Don’t forget, you have the single-most impact of any part of the Chrysalis community…